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    公司主營“港隆”牌有機溶劑,產品包括:碳酸二乙酯(DEC) 、碳酸甲乙酯(EMC) 、碳酸二甲酯(DMC)、碳酸乙烯酯(EC)和碳酸丙烯酯(PC) 等,作為鋰離子電池電解液的重要組成部分市場需求量巨大,產品供不應求?!案勐 碑a品隸屬【國家重點支持的高新技術領域】,連續12年被評為遼陽市名牌產品。



    Liao Ning Kong Lung Chemical Industry Ltd. was set up by Mr.Liu yan from Hongkong, and it was founded in june 6,2005, Jiang Hui is the legal representative. The registered funds are 507.85US million dollars. Our factory located in NO. 19, Wan He 1 Road ,the state level high-tech industrialization base & Aromatics and chemical fiber raw material base,Liao Yang city,Liao Ning Province,and it covers total areas of 192853 sq.m.Our company has passed ISO90012008 and ISO140012004,and has certificated as New and High Technical Enterprise of Liao Ning province for six years. Company website : www.amazin-product.com.
      Our company mainly engaged to sale organic solvent of“KONGLUNG”brand,such as Diethyl Carbonate (DEC)、Ethyl Methyl Carbonate (EMC)、Dimethyl Methyl Carbonate (DMC)、Ethylene Carbonate (EC)、Propylene Carbonate (PC)  etc. and organic solvent as an important part of Li-ion battery electrolyte. The market is huge, and our products in short supply.  The products of“KONG LUNG”has certificated as “Liao Yang Famous-band products”for past twleve years, and they are affiliated withNew and High technical Enterprice of the state giving full suppor.
      Our company has import and export rights and our products are sold not only all over China,but also exported toeast Asia,Europe,America and other areas. While,Our company based on the developed transportation and energy supply network in the Bohai -rim. we have continued to strengthen our own technical advantages in order to achieve sustainable development. Nowadays,“KONG LUNG”brand products has covered all Li-ion battery electrolyte raw material markets ,and we has became one of the largest Li-ion battery material production base in China.

     遼寧港隆化工有限公司 版權所有
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